it all started with just a few dahlias planted in a small garden

A husband-husband duo, Hong Elder Floral Workroom was created to bring local, fresh, unique floral material and luxury floral design to New Mexico.

Not quite a farm, but not quite a garden, Steven and Kee-ju are experienced growers, cultivating boutique, heirloom and unusual floral material for Hong Elder Floral Workroom's design work as well as providing select florists with boutique floral material.

I am inspired by nature, by color, by seasonality in my designs style


Steven has worked for years designing flowers for weddings and high end events. Inspired by color and seasonality from the garden, Steven combines his backgrounds as a horticulturist and floral designer to grow and create arrangements that are lush, full and grand.

there’s nothing quite like an armful of cafe au lait dahlias


Kee-ju was a hobbyist gardener, whose passion for growing expanded into becoming a flower grower. Obsessed with nature since he was a little boy, his interest in nature and biology has evolved into his passion for gardening and growing. Kee-ju ensures that the flowers are grown with love and care.